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A new era of oceanography
  1. The NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) is seeking applications for those willing to serve on its Data Delivery and Cyberinfrastructure Committee (DDCI). Applications are due 24 June 2020. OOIFB established the DDCI Committee in late 2018 to help ensure timely and reliable access to high-quality Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) data. The DDCI Committee […]
  2. In its 23 April OCE newsletter, the National Science Foundation’s Division of Ocean Sciences reminded the oceanographic community of its interest in receiving proposals that use existing data and samples.  “The ocean research community has made significant progress in getting data and samples into public repositories for wider use and re-use.  We believe these resources […]
  3. “Can someone in quarantine walk their dog?” “Does the whole family have to quarantine or only the person about to board the ship?” “Is isolating in a cabin in the woods for two weeks prior to boarding a real quarantine solution? These are the type of questions the OOI teams planning upcoming operation and maintenance […]
  4. Global carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations are increasing in the atmosphere, largely due to the use of fossil fuels. The oceans are absorbing about 25-30 percent of the atmospheric CO2, resulting in a shift in seawater acid-base chemistry and a decrease in ocean pH, making seawater more acidic. To help scientists assess this changing ocean chemistry, […]
  5. Given the significant importance of understanding and modeling levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (and its potential sources and sinks), Ocean-Atmosphere Exchange and Global Biogeochemistry and Carbon Cycling are two of the OOI’s primary science themes. We address these themes in part through measurements of the air and surface water partial pressure of carbon […]